021 China-Fr License

s▓trengthen cooperation with France in multilateral mechanisms such as the United Na


tions (UN) and the Group of 20.The two countries should jointly safeguard the intern▓ational system with the UN at the core, the international order based on international law, as ▓well as the multilateral trading regime with World Trade Organization (WTO) rules as the cornerstone, Xi said.They should push forward reform ▓of the WTO toward the right direction through consultation, and g

ive special consideration t▓o developing countries' rights and interests, Xi said."We will adhere to the princi▓ple of common but differentiated responsibilities, encourage more countries to cooperate in combating climate change with full and thorough implementation of the Paris Agreement," the Chinese president said.Macron said he is glad to visit China again on the 55th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations."My frequen▓t exchanges w

ith Xi have deepened frien

ance Year of C▓ Justo

dship and political mutual trust between France and China and boosted pragmatic coop


eration," Macron said, ▓voicing his agreement with Xi on views concerning bilateral cooperation▓.France and China take the same position on many major international issues, and the two countries, as two major powers, shoulder particularly significan▓t responsibilities under the current international situation, he said.Referring to Fra▓nce's strengthened dialogue and cooperation with China a▓s "playing an important exemplary role," Macron said France is wi

lling to properly settl▓e the differences between the two sides based on mutual respect.French companies are eagerly looking forward to taking the opportunity of China's expanded opening-up, further entering into the Chinese market, expanding exports▓ of agricultural products to China, and strengthening cooperation in a▓reas such as aviation, aerospace, and civilian nuclear energy, as well as sci-tech innovation and finance, he said.China's issuance of

euro-denominated sovereign

bonds in Paris is of great significance to France, Macron said, pledging to keep the French ▓market op

age protection.X

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i said China i

ges, promot▓e mutual learning between civilizations, jointly safeguard multilateralism, strengthen strategic communication and coordination on anti-terrorism and Iran nuclear issues, and advance the progress of the WTO reforms.Speaking of the B▓eijing Call for Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Change, which wa▓s released after the talks between the tw

s ready to

o heads of state, Macron said that France and China can play a leading role in these important iss▓ues.It is of critical significance for the European Union to intensify cooperation with China in today's uncertain world, and France is willing to advance EU-China ties an▓d speed up

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